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The Benchmark Story

Business owners are great at being attorneys, dentists, chiropractors or other service professionals because they love their profession.  Bookkeeping and number crunching is not their first love, so this part of the business suffers. 

At Benchmark, we love bookkeeping and number crunching, so working together makes sense to solve this problem.  Now business owners are free to do what they love while a bookkeeping professional handles this important part of the business. 

Now you know the story of why Benchmark was created.

What’s your story?  How can Benchmark help?

Meet The Team

Bob Mauk
         MBA &          M. Accounting

Bookkeeper & Insight Consultant

Donna Mauk
   AS Business         

Bookkeeper & Office Manager

J.R. Hill
   DBA, MBA, MS       

Bookkeeper & Insight Consultant

Certified Partner

Benchmark Bookkeeping & Consulting

Houston, Texas, United States




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