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S Corporation Packages

Fixed Service Fee Guarantee

Benchmark’s monthly Fixed Service Fee Guarantee is set based upon the size of your business and the scope of what you require, so all businesses can afford great Bookkeeping and Tax Services.

 Affordable Options To Meet Your Needs



Revenue of 

$0 – $50K



Revenue of 

$50 – $125K



Revenue of 

$125 – $250K



Revenue of 

$250 – $400K

 If Your Revenue Is Greater Than $400K

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All Packages Include The Following

Corporate Tax Return

Under an S-Corporation filing, we will prepare and file form 1120S each year.

Monthly Bookkeeping Service

Our bookkeepers will review, code, categorize and reconcile all your business financial transactions, then we will prepare your financial statements.  Profit coaching and Insight coaching are great add-ons to help you manage your business.

State Tax Return

If required, we will prepare one state tax return.

Staff Communication (Limited)

All packages include one monthly email to our staff to answer financial questions. 

Estimated Tax Vouchers

We will prepare your estimated tax voucher, so you can file your quarterly and annual tax payments.

Electronic Copies

We prepare and file your tax return, then provide you electronic copies for your records.

Optional Package Add-Ons

QuickBooks Online $25/mo

QuickBooks Online software is required.  As a QBO ProAdvisor, we can provide you with a discounted subscription.

Weekly Bookkeeping $40/mo

Your books are kept updated weekly, so you have the most current financial information at your fingertips.

Unlimited Support $60/mo

First class business support to help you with your questions.  Just contact us and we will be glad to help you.

  Payroll $120/mo

Running payroll is a hassle for business owners.  Let us process payroll, then we will file the quarterly and annual returns. $6 per employee after 1.

   Tax Planning $60/mo  o

We will help you implement strategies to ease your tax burden.

  Additional Investments   $20/mo

Other small investments, such as rental property can be tracked under one business accounting system.

 Additional State Return   $20/mo   o

If you require an additional state tax return filed, we can handle this for you.

  Personal Tax Return $49/mo

Need an individual personal tax return prepared by our in-house CPA team? We will prepare all of your personal federal and state returns with this add-on feature.

Audit Defense $10/mo  o

Think of this as an insurance policy on your tax returns.  With this service we will respond to all tax notices you may receive and represent you in an audit.

  Corporation Setup   $450

Need to file for a Corporation? We’ll file with your state, register for a new EIN and if you’d like to be an S-Corporation, we’ll take care of the forms necessary to make that election. State fees apply.

 Accounts Payable $285/mo   o

Tired of paying all the bills for the business each month? Our team can take that off your hands.  We will receive your invoices, and make all payments for you with this add-on feature.

Profit Coaching $80/mo

Where did all the money go?  Profit Coaching helps you keep more of your money.  This is revenue, expense, debt control and budgeting on steroids.  Each month we will contact you to review and explain your financial statements.  See what happens when you pay yourself first!

InSight Coaching $80/mo

Operations Management is absolutely a game changer in business.  Establishing Standard Operating Procedures eases your management pain, puts everyone on the same page creating a valuable business.  Management planning is critical for a business to succeed!

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